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Welcome to Kenya !  Karibuni sana !

Experience a unique eco vacation in Kenya

If you’d like to get closer to nature then consider an eco vacation where sustainability and ecological responsibility are an important part of each day’s itinerary. There are countless opportunities to experience the incredible natural beauty and the unique bio-diversity of this amazing country. We are pleased to welcome you to Kenya.

Organize your trip with ease and trouble free. Let it be a journey tailor made for YOU  !


We offer you a wide range of travel ideas and services adapted to your demands.

We select the best accomodation: villas, apartments, bungalows, bandas, lodges for your safaris in National Park & Reserve. We are at your disposal to offer you all top of the line advice you need to perfect your travel plans.

Feel free to contact us if you need further information.


Kilifi is situated on the Kenyan north coast, half-way between Mombasa and Malindi on the road to Lamu. 

Only 1 hour drive away from Tsavo East & West National Park & Wildlife Reserve.



Sunset villas resort 

Sea horse Road

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Kilifi 80 108
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Vacation Home

Sunset team is looking forward to welcoming you.

Sunset villa Kilifi

This House was built in a swahili style on a superb site, feature an open terrace on the ground floor ideal for famillies with children

Sunset Mambo villa    Kilifi

Located in a tropical lush garden this house feature its own swimming pool for more privacy.

Blue Marlin Resort Malindi

Apartments in a residence located downtown on silver beach all amenities such as gym, sport, tennis court, private car park, swimming pool and security guard service.



Sunset team is at your disposal to perfect your stay.

A la carte concierge services.




Good FindersTours & Safaris for affordable and memorable safaris in East Africa.



Mombasa to Malindi

Only a few minutes from all the heavenly beaches

Discover Kilifi


Kilifi creek widens into a big lake and divides into dozens of channels, many of which are navigable.

At its narrowest part, a few hundred meters from the sea, a bridge connects Mnarani to Kilifi.

Further inland the creek at it's center is located bird island and at the bottom side the junction with Rare river.

This stunning scenery here round is the perfect place for nature lovers and bird watching excursions.


Kilifi is the yachter's meeting point. Kilifi boatyacht club is the place where to moor and anchor.

Kilifi Creek

The Indian ocean enters into  the mainland forming a deep inlet which is know as : The Kilifi Creek.

 Discover : Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi



Many shops and restaurant - Local and international restaurants

Post Office, 4 banks, 6 ATM.

Several markets: Fruit, vegetable, fish and meat markets, grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and hospitals are all nearby.


Tsavo East & West Safari

Good Finders Tours & Safaris are dedicated to offering safe, fun and adventurous Safari experiences



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