Sunset Villas Resort
Sunset Villas Resort 

Garden House

This house is a treasure in a green casket, under the shade of a big baobab and surrounded by bamboos.

The swimming pool is overlooking a tropical lush garden.

Private pool filled with sea water

The GH's swimming pool                                      The GH's terrace

Review - Garden House :


We spent three weeks at Sunset Villas and booked it two days before our journey (due to election unrest in Kenya). The owner was very responsive so we managed to finish the booking before departure (thank you!) The house, which has already some history, lives with and from its beautiful terrace (a place for bird-watchers), its garden, the pool and the direct access to the quiet beach. It is equipped with almost everything a family needs, including a canoe to go on some explorations along Killifi Creek, which is an outstanding, magnificent landmark of Kenya. A backup solar power system is there to ensure power supply even when the power lines are down. The kitchen could benefit from some renovation, but has a large fridge (actually a freezer), a washing machine (no dish-washer), and you can choose whether you want to cook yourself or have the friendly staff to do the cooking for you. The staff (three men plus the Askari) were all so friendly and helpful, though at the same time not intriguing at all; so there is absolutely nothing to complain. What we were missing or disliked: - no bicycles (like in any house we ever rented in Kenya). This is especially sad because of the beauty of the direct vicinity (Kilifi Creek), and because Sunset Villas is situated around 2 miles (a 40min. walk) outside of Kilifi town centre, so you depend on the Tuk-Tuks that you have to call (you can get phone numbers from the staff or the owner's welcome booklet) or for the not-so-weak-at-heart ones the motorbikes, which serve as one of the major income sources for the male Kilifi youth. - For the Internet aficionados: WLAN is offered, but it's not for free and most of the time we were not able to connect to it and if, then it was awfully slow. But the quietness and peace of the place rewards you for that. According to the management, this shall be improved in the near future. - If you want to go out, the first place to go is the Eco-Lodge "Distant Relatives" in the neighbourhood (< 10 min walk). Kilifi and its vicinity are a safe place with very friendly - though poor - people; we were walking there around at night without any worries or problems. Kilifi has seen better times (the majority of tourist hotels have closed down), but this is what makes it such a beautiful and peaceful contrast to rest of the coast which suffers from mass tourism all over. The market is worth a weekly visit, the great sandy beaches are empty throughout the week, you can easily arrange for boat trips to the reef or into the various mangrove islands for bird-watching. To summarize it: Sunset Villas is, as we see it, a beautiful place to retreat from the noise and hazzle of ordinary life, and to enjoy the beauty of nature, which has not been touched by tourism as much as other places of Kenya.


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Sunset villas resort


Sea horse Road

PO box 45

Kilifi 80 108

Phone : + 254 726541340

Email :


Located on kenyan coast.

North of Mombasa, Kilifi creek and Malindi, at the south of Lamu.

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Sunset Villas Resort